Kiosk Printer Paper Jams While Printing

Kiosk Printer Paper Jams While Printing

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Resolving Paper Jams in Zebra Kiosk Printers

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Zebra Kiosk Printers


>Paper Jam on the TTP 8200.

On the 8200, make sure the print head is locked down, and make sure the presenter blade is in the down position and is properly secured with the thumbscrews on the sides. If the printer is jamming during retract, check the retract area to make sure there are no obstructions. Some early printers could jam on the wires of the presenter. If the jamming is occurring under the print head, try cleaning the print head and the platen.

>Paper jams in the presenter while printing with the TTP 8200.

There are a number of reasons why this can occur.

1. The presenter blade is a two part cover and not in one part which is fasten down near the cutter module.
2. Various paper thicknesses create sometimes a paper jam in the presenter.
3. Fanfold paper is jumping out the presenter.

 Reason's 1 and 3 can be resolved with replacing the paper bail with the new one Reason 2 needs more info about paper.

>Paper jams on the TTP 2000.

For the TTP 2000, if the paper is jamming and seems to be skewing to the left and right during feed, make sure the paper guide is installed. It is a silver plate with a number on the rear that indicates paper width. It is required for operation. If it is installed, and the printer has a date code before 0714, check for gear problems by having the customer open the print head and manually move the platen. The motion should be smooth and should require even force to move it a complete rotation. Remove the presenter paper guide and repeat the process. If any uneven resistance or lack of smooth motion is found, the printer will need to be returned for repair

>Paper jam on the TTP 7000.

On TTP 7000s, extremely dirty platens can cause feeding problems, though this is rare. If the printer is equipped with a retract module and the printer is jamming on every print or on every retract, its most likely that the fragile retract plate has become damaged, usually by pressing on it or using the retract area as a handle.

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