LA4137 Exhibits poor RF Coverage within Access Point Range

Article ID: 49756644


Why do I see poor RF Coverage when using the LA4137?


  • PDA battery is operating at lower than desired charge capacity.
  • Test the LA4137 by installing in another PDA of identical type.
  • The PDA or LA4137 is physically damaged due to shock from drop or simply a defective/weak radio.

Non-Symbol Pocket PC PDA has LA4137 card installed.  The current drivers are installed and the correct WLAN profile configuration is confirmed, yet signal strength indicates as poor with device operating at approximately 10’ from AP.
  1. Ensure PDA battery is confirmed to be at or close to full charge capacity.
  2. Perform un-install/re-install of respective Pocket PC version drivers.
  3. Review signal strength graph; run ping test to further verify poor RF coverage.