LEAP Windows Domain User Setup

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Setup for a LEAP Windows DOMAIN user

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Zebra Wireless Printers


Zebra Setup Utilities is the recommended utility to use to configure our wireless printers for wireless network connectivity.  We have a full set of instructions for configuring the printer for connectivity here.  Read More>>

When using LEAP Windows DOMAIN you simply need to ensure you select the appropriate Security Mode and then enter in your appropriate settings, see below:

User-added image

In the Username box enter the domain and username in the following format:


Note: There are two backslashes in the format

The password should also be added.

Note: The password is case sensitive.

If using Steel Belted Radius as the authentication server, insure that the NT DOMAIN section of the EAP.ini file has the following lines uncommented.

EAP-Only = 0


Additional Information

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