LI4278 Cordless Bluetooth scanner is not reading any barcodes

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Issue / Question

My LI4278 Cordless Bluetooth has a scan beam, but will not scan any barcodes, programming codes or item/product barcodes.

Applicable To

LI4278 Cordless Bluetooth Scanner

Resolution / Answer

1. Place the LI4278 scanner into a powered cradle (model # CR0078 or CR0008)
2. While the LI4278 is in the cradle, pull and hold the LI4278 trigger for approximately 20-30 seconds until there is a blinking red led light on the LI4278 and it re initializes/resets (emits power up beeps) in the cradle. 
3. After the LI4278 re initializes release trigger and remove it from the cradle. Then scan the pairing barcode on the cradle (if it’s a CR0078) or scan a product item barcode to test and verify that the LI4278 is scanning/decoding barcodes barcodes. 


+ Applicable Products

  • LI4278