Link-OS SDK Software Development kit causes the iMZ Printer to print ZPL on the labels

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Printer prints ZPL code (the “printer printing code”) rather than labels when sending a print request via a SDK developed application. The problem is related to the iMZ being in LINE MODE and the SDK assuming the printer is in ZPL mode.

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iMZ Series Mobile Printers


In summary, the default mode of the iMZ is Line Mode while the Link-OS SDK/sample code assumes it is ZPL. When in line mode, the printer cannot use ZPL.  To force the SDK to identify the unit as a Link_OS printer, use the "device.languages" command to set the iMZ to "hybrid_xml_zpl" mode.

The following command can be used to set the printer to be able to understand ZPL in addition to CPCL.

! U1 setvar "device.languages" "zpl"

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