Locking the ZT400 Host USB Port Print Station Feature to prevent intrusions

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Preventing unwanted use of the USB Host Port feature 

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ZT400 Printers


Due to security concerns (virus infection, trojan horse installations etc), some companies may not want their users to use the Print Station USB port in ZT 400 printers.

There is an SGD command that you can use to lock up the USB port. The SGD command is: 

! U1 setvar "usb.host.lock_out" "on"  

A printer power cycle is not needed when the command has been sent. The effect is immediate. The functions provided by Print Station (store / download files to and from USB to E drive, calling up a print format to print) is not visible on the LCD. 

The SGD command to unlock the USB port is: 

! U1 setvar "usb.host.lock_out" "off" 

See the ZPL Guide for SGD (SetGetDo) command usage. Read More>>


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