LPR LPD printing Zebra Mobile Printer

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Printing using Line Printer Daemon protocol or Line Printer Remote protocol

Applies To

All Zebra Mobile Printers.  Desktop and Tabletop models are also capable of printing in this fashion.


The mobile printer is a battery operated remote device designed to conserve energy while simultaneously optimizing print quality. It will not perform the same as a tabletop line printer with a high speed processor and large memory buffers, which are typically always turned on. It only processes one TCP connection at a time. If the server sends others while it is generating/printing a label the printer will reject the requests until it is free. This is normal acceptable behavior. It is up to the server and or sending application, not the printer, to retry and handle such normal error conditions appropriately.

If using LPD, the spooler should be programmed to retry on a "printer busy" response. TCP printing is more robust as it handles the error conditions in a reliable manner, but it is still up to the application to understand how to deal with errors reported back by the protocol. All applications, especially those relying on LPD should check printer status prior to and after posting a print job.