LS2208 not Decoding in Intellistand

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Why can I scan my barcode when I pull the LS2208 trigger, but not when the scanner is in the stand?


The LS2208 scanner will not decode bar codes while in the Intellistand, but is able to scan bar codes by pulling the trigger.

A possible cause for this would be that the bar code is out of the decode zone.
LS2208, Intellistand (Part Number: 20-61019-02)

This issue is resolved by ensuring that the bar code is placed within the tolerance of the decode zone.
  1. In order to properly scan a bar code in the hands free Intellistand, present the bar code underneath the scanner beam and ensure that the scan line crosses every bar and space of the bar code.
  2. The bar code should be presented within a 65 degree angle to the beam.
  3. Refer to the LS2208 decode zone in the LS2208 Product Reference Guide for more exact tolerances with regard to mil size specification.