LS4071 Cradle Attached via STI85-0200R (USB) Loses Connection to Synapse when PC Is Powered Down

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When connecting the LS4071 with USB Synapse (part number STI85-0200R), the cradle will lose its connection to the Synapse cable when the PC is powered down.


The base resets 10 -15 seconds after the PC has been powered down.  If the PC is powered after the base resets, the cradle will be defaulted for a serial connection, even though it is connecting via USB.

To resolve this issue, after the PC has fully powered up the power cord of the cradle must be disconnected for 1-2 moments and then reconnected.
  1. Place the scanner in the cradle.
  2. Disconnect power from the cradle and reconnect after 1-2 moments.  The scanner should retain its connection with the cradle through the loss of power.   
  3. Scan a test barcode.  If the test is successful STOP here.  If four error beeps are emitted after the decode beep proceed with the remaining steps.
  4. Scan the “Pair” bar code located on the base.
  5. Proceed with programming the STI85-0200R using the appropriate programming bar codes.

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