LS4071 Will Not Pair Correctly With Base

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When scanning the PAIR bar code on the RL474 base, the LS4071 scanner emits a double beep before the warble.

Root Cause

The LS4071 locks up.


  1. Remove battery from the handle of the scanner.
    • Remove the boot from the bottom of the scanner by gently pulling the boot from the back of the scanner.  Slide the back of the boot off of the scanner and remove by pushing forward.
    • Remove the battery compartment cover by sliding the cover toward the back of the unit.
  2. Remove the battery pack by pulling up on the black plug attached to the wiring harness.
  3. Reconnect the black plug to the scanner.  The plug is keyed so it will be inserted correctly.
  4. Place the battery pack back in the scanner and replace the battery door.
  5. Replace the boot.
  6. Scan the pairing bar code.  This time there should only be a warble.
Red arrow in illustration below indicates the black plug.
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