MC55 / MC65 Serial Port Driver Requirements communicating with a Zebra RW4-Print Station

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Topic or Information

Communicating to an RW420 Print Station from an MC55 or MC65 handheld

Applies To

  • RW420 Print Station
  • DEX Port
  • Serial to USB Converter for connecting the handheld to the print station



The RW420-Print Station (MC55/ MC65) uses a USB to RS232 Serial converter to facilitate communications between the MC55 / MC65 handhelds and the printer / DEX ports.  This communications method may require the installation of a serial driver on the MC55 / MC65 handheld before usage.  The serial driver allows the MC55 / MC65 handheld application to communicate with the printer or DEX port. 

This link is the  document that shows the  summary of the driver requirements for the MC55 and MC65 handheld devices. Read More>>

+ Product Codes

  • RW 420 Print Station