MC9090 Enter Key Closes the App when used with Pocket Word or Excel

Article ID: 43603588


When the enter key is pressed in applications such as Pocket Word or Excel, the application closes instead of proceeding to the next line in the application.



Root Cause

By default the Enter key is assigned as a special function key.


There is a registry key that will change the Enter key into a line feed.

1.       To change the definition of the Enter key to generate a linefeed character, create a registry file with the following entry.
"SpecialEnterTabKey" = dword:0

2.       Copy the file to the \Platform folder on the MC9090.
3.       Tap on .reg file to merge the changes.
4.       Warm boot the MC9090.
Note: The default value of this key is 1, which sends an extra character before and after the return key, causing applications to exit.

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