Meaning of LED's on the MZ and iMZ series mobile printers

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Descriptions of what the LED indicator lights on MZ and iMZ Series Mobile Printers mean

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MZ and iMZ Series Mobile Printers


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The Green LED in the middle of the feed and power buttons is has two different states.

  • A steady lit LED means that the printer is on and the battery charge level is sufficient for use
  • A blinking LED means that there is a battery low condition


The Green/Amber LED that is to the left of the power button is used to identify the condition of the built in charger on the printer.  

  • If this LED is off, the printer is not being charged.
  • If this LED is amber, the printer is being charged
  • If this LED is green, the printer is fully charged.


The Amber LED next to the Feed button is used to identify errors.

  • If this LED is off, the printer is not detecting an error.
  • If this LED is blinking, it could mean of of the following error conditions.
    >There is no media loaded
    >The media cover is open

 Note: If both of the above conditions are met and the LED is still blinking, the application may have become corrupt or needs to be flashed.

The Blue LED is indicative of communications activity.   The MZ series have options for IrDA, Bluetooth or wireless 802.11b/g radio.

  • IrDA  -  A flashing blue LED would be indicative of data being received.
  • Bluetooth
    > A solid blue LED indicates pairing activity.
    > A blinking blue LED indicates that the printer is receiving data via the Bluetooth connection
  • 802.11B/G
    > A solid blue LED indicates that the printer has associated with the wireless network
    > A blinking blue LED indicates that the printer is attempting to associate with the wireless network.


+ Product Codes

  • iMZ Series Mobile Printers
  • iMZ220 Mobile Printer
  • iMZ320 Mobile Printer