Minimizing the visibility of the antenna when printing on Proximity Cards on Zebra Card Printer

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  • Relates to the P330i, P430i, P110i, P120i Zebra Card Printer models
  • Minimizing the visibility of the antenna and chip in Proximity cards After cards has been printed on

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P330i, P430i, P110i, P120i Zebra Card Printer models


The antenna and chip insert of the Proximity card can sometimes show up in the printing because of small changes that they cause to the way that the heat is applied by the thermal print head, and also because of small changes in the surface flatness in the area of the components.

There are many card manufacturers that produce these types of cards, and some cards show less than others. We have worked with some of these manufacturers to help them produce better cards.

In general, pale/pastel colors seem to show the effect the most, so small changes to your design or the location of graphical elements in your design may lead to greatly improved results. 

If the problem is occurring on the K resin panel, try sending manual commands to adjust the print speed and contrast when the K panel is printed. The two commands to do this are: +V_9 and +C_9 (The _ underscore denotes a space. Do not use the underscore when sending the command). The first command slows the black panel print speed to 9. The second command increases the contrast of the black panel to 9. If you send these commands to the printer, print a test card to make sure the commands were accepted.

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  • P100i
  • P110i
  • P120i
  • P330i Card Printer
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