Minimizing ZQ500 "Slow to Start Print" conditions

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ZQ500 Printer entering Sleep Mode may appear slow to start a print job due to the "Wake Up" time required before printing. Sleep Mode is a low-power mode used in device such as mobile phones and computers and has been adapted in the ZQ500 Printer 

Applies To

ZQ510 and ZQ520 Printers


The ZQ500 Series Printer may appear to take a long time to print if "Sleep Mode" is entered between print jobs. Sleep Mode is a feature introduced to the ZQ500 printer and is discussed in detail here including

  • Configuring Sleep Mode
  • Command Example
  • Waking From Sleep
  • Wake on Bluetooth
  • Sleep Mode Restrictions

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If your application requires quick response printing avoid letting the printer enter sleep mode by extending the Sleep Mode interval beyond the default of 2 minutes.   


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  • ZQ500 Series Mobile Printers
  • ZQ510 Mobile Printer
  • ZQ520 Mobile Printer