Missing Quick Design Templates Window in CardStudio V1.2

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  • Quick Design Browser window will not show up when opening CardStudio
  • A "No QDC will be installed" warning message will appear during software installation

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Products Affected

  • CardStudio version V1.2 (any edition downloaded from www.zebra.com)


Unlike previous versions, the CardStudio V1.2 web download does not come with card design templates, known as Quick Design Cards (QDC).  The graphics library is too large to be included in the digital download.


The Quick Design Templates can be downloaded from the following link.  Unzip the QDC.zip file and then run the QDC.exe file.  Restart the software after this point and the templates should be available.    Read More>>

A secondary option is below:

QDC is included in the CD version of the software. Users wanting the design templates will need to run the installation file from the disc. If there is no disc available, users can contact a Zebra reseller to order the Demo version of CardStudio (if a license has already been purchased) or the desired licensed version:

P1031773-001 - Classic

P1031774-001 - Standard

P1031775-001 - Professional 

P1031771-001 - Demo