Mobile Printer serial port commands

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Configuring Serial Port Settings using Set-Get-Do commands

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Configuring Zebra Printer's Serial Port settings


The following are commands used to configure the serial port on a mobile printer.

comm.baud,  comm.data_bits, comm.parity and comm.stop_bits.

The following are  examples of each of these commands.

! U1 setvar "comm.baud" "19200"

! U1 setvar "comm.data_bits" "8"

! U1 setvar "comm.parity" "n"  , ! U1 setvar "comm.parity" "o",  ! U1 setvar "comm.parity" "e"

! U1 setvar "comm.stop_bits" "1"

Please note that there is a space character between the "!" and the "U".

These commands are not applicable to the EM220 printer.

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