Mobile Printer Series - Communicating to the printer via TCP/IP connection

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Communicating to Zebra Mobile Printers via a wireless network

Applies To

All Wireless Enabled Zebra Mobile Printers


Communication with printer as well as utility to configure the printer for your wireless network


There are several options of configuring your Zebra Mobile Printer for your wireless network.  The initial setup does require a Zebra utility such as Zebra Setup Utilities or ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise to configure the unit for your network.  You will have to connect the unit via USB or Serial to your PC for this configuration.


You will initially need to connect the printer using a cabled connection to your PC.  Once this is done, you will need to use one of the options below to configure the printer for your network.

Wireless Printer Setup Options:

Using Zebra Setup Utilities to Configure the Printer (Recommended)  Read More>>

Using ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise to Configure the Printer  Read More>>

Note:  When installing the driver for the printer on a Windows PC and adding the TCP/IP Port make sure to modify the RAW Port Number to 6101 as that is required to communicate to our Mobile Printers.  Read More>>

Supported Wireless Securities:

Click the following link for the encryption types that our wireless printers will support.  Read More>>


The most important step to ensure that you will connect to your wireless network is to ensure that you are applying the proper Network Name (ESSID), Password (passphrase), and Security Type (Encryption).  More often than not this is the cause of a printer not associating with a wireless network.  Also, you can view our wireless troubleshooting steps in the following link.  Read More>>

Protocols Supported:

  • FTP    This protocol is used to transfer files back and forth to the printer.
    (Not used for printing) 
  • HTTP  The Internet protocol used by World Wide Web browsers and servers to exchange information. The protocol makes it possible for a user to use a client program to enter a URL (or click a hyperlink) and retrieve text, graphics, sound, and other digital information from a Web server.  
  • LPD   Line Printer Daemon Protocol  is a Network Print Server (daemon) that allows access to printers (accessible at your computer) across TCP/IP network. The remote computers must have the LPR program that supports the Berkeley Line Printer protocol.  Port 515. 
  • SMTP   This is a standard Internet protocol for sending e-mail documents 
  • SNMP  Simple Network Management Protocol  is designed for requesting, packaging, and sending management information over a network. SNMP provides a common set of rules for programmers writing network management programs. 
  • TCP   A transport protocols for the Internet that provides connection-oriented data transfer. 
  • TELNET  is used for remote login over the Internet.  
  • UDP  User Datagram Protocol  is a connectionless transport protocol that forms a user interface to the Internet Protocol (IP).

Helpful Information

Zebra Setup Utilities Download  Read More>>

ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise Download  Read More>>

USB Communication Information  Read More>>

Cisco Access Point Recommended Settings  Read More>>

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