Mobility Services Platform (MSP) not communicating through firewall

Article ID: 49746317


The Mobility Services Platform (MSP) cannot communicate with mobile infrastructure devices that are located behind a firewall or filtering device.


MSP manages Network Infrastructure Devices using the Symbol Enterprise Mobility Manager (SEMM) which uses SNMP to discover, monitor and manage these devices.  This could present a problem if a firewall and NAT separate MSP from the wireless infrastructure equipment.  Without some action to fix this, MSP would not be able to discover and manage wireless infrastructure equipment. 

Note that this would not prevent the mobile devices from registering with MSP, but it WOULD prevent them from being shown in ‘Association’ views since that is based on the information obtained from the wireless infrastructure equipment. 

Forward SNMP traps to MSP/SEMM to alert the management system of device issues and use IP port forwarding to send SNMP requests to devices located behind a firewall/NAT.

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