Network Setting are lost after cold booting the Handheld Computer

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Changing the default setting in Network Management from ‘My ISP’ to ‘My Work Network’ does not persist after a cold boot. NOTE: This setting is accessed via the Start menu-->Settings-->Connections tab-->Connections.


Any hand held computer with Pocket PC 2002 or Pocket PC 2003, for example, PPT8800, MC9000, etc.


In Network Management, the default setting is ‘My ISP’.

Create a registry file to make these changes cold boot persistent.
  1. Create a text file called connections.reg containing the following:

     2.   Place the .reg file in the Applications folder to make these changes cold boot persistent.
NOTE: After a cold boot, the setting may still be displayed as ‘My ISP’ but in actuality, it is set to ‘My Work Network’.  A test can be performed by connecting to the “work network” to verify this.

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