Network Setting are lost after cold booting the MK11XX or MK20XX

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Network Settings are lost after Cold Boot On the MK11XX or MK20XX



Root Cause

The network settings will conflict and overwrite each other.


Even when using the System Menu utility program on the MK device, the network settings will not persist through a cold boot.

 The network settings must be set and saved in a specific order for them to be cold boot persistent.
  1. Do not change the default network settings in the mkconfig.reg file.
  2. Open Mobile Companion and set your desired network settings for the device.
  3. Go to the System Menu configuration utility program and verify that your network settings are correct.
  4. Select Save from the File menu and save your network settings to the mkconfig.reg file.
  5. When the device cold boots it will load the network settings from the mkconfig.reg file into Mobile Companion and connect to the network.

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