Not able to access Printer Properties settings when using the Kiosk driver in Windows 7

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If you are not able to make changes to the Printer Settings when accessing the Printer Properties from the Kiosk driver using Windows 7 then check if  the proper user rights are utilized on the printer drivers.

Applies To

Zebra Kiosk Printer Drivers


The following permissions are needed to make changes to the Kiosk drivers:


-Manage Printers

-Manage Documents

Note: This can be accessed through the security tab of the driver.

If you are still not able to make changes then you can access the Printer Properties via Print Management.

Print Management is a snap-in for Windows 7 which helps manage the printer settings.

To access Print Management in Windows 7:

Go to "Start" and in the "Search programs and files" field type in "Print Management"and from the "Print Management"  window you can access all the printer drivers by clicking the "All Printers" folder in the left hand column then highlight the printer of your choice and right click and choose "Properties" to access the printer drvier settings.