Out of Memory Storing Font, Graphic, Format, or Bitmap

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  • Out of Memory Error messages in the LCD Display
  • Out of Memory Storing Font
  • Out of Memory Storing Format
  • Out of Memory Storing Bitmap
  • Out of Memory Storing Graphic


Applies To

Zebra ZPL Compatible Printers with an LCD Display


Cause or Overview

The printer may generate an Out of Memory error in the LCD Display if

  • ZPL object or formats are sent to a memory location that is not available or assigned
  • The memory space you are trying to use is exceeded.

The amount of memory available can be viewed using one of the following methods.

Print a Directory Label using the ^WD command Read More>>



List objects in Flash Memory (E:) and amount of free space.


A label will be printed with the requested information.



Use the Zebra Setup Utility and send the ^HW Command Read More>>

This is how you use the Zebra Setup Utility to send and receive data Read More>>


Using the ZSU Communications Window send


The response will be returned showing the object and free memory

- DIR E:*.* 

* E:TT0003M_.TTF    169188  P       

-  33383936 bytes free E: ONBOARD FLASH






If there is insufficient memory for your object, delete unneeded items using the ^ID command. Read More>>

If your label format is writing to a non-existing location such as A: or B: change your format to use E: (Flash) or R:(DRAM). If you have a mixture of legacy and new product you can rename the memory on the newer printer using the  ^CM command.  Read More>>

Helpful information

Regarding wrong memory issues:

Since the memory slot (Compact Flash) and PCMCIA Card options are no longer available on newer printers the memory locations such as "A:" and "B:" are not available. You can reassign a letter designation to the printer's existing memory to specify the usage of the printer's on-board flash (i.e. E:). This can be done with the reassign memory command ^CM. This command allows you to reassign the memory device to a corresponding letter without forcing, altering or recreating your legacy ZPL formats.  Read More>>