P370/470 Difficulty Pairing with Base

P370/470 Difficulty Pairing with Base

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P370/470 is unable to pair with the base. There are 2 audible beeps instead of a “warble” sound when the pairing bar code on the cradle is scanned and the cradle LED is lit when the scanner is not in it.


P370 P470

Root Cause

The scanner’s base is “locked up”


Check the P370/470 charging and LED status on the base.
  1. Ensure that the scanner has been charged for at least 8 hours.
  2. Scan the “Pair” bar code located on the base. If you hear 2 beeps instead of the “warble” tone place the scanner into the base until it errors out or warbles. Scan the “Pair” bar code on the base again.
  3. If there is still an unsuccessful pairing, check to see if the LED on the base still remains lit when the scanner is out of the base.
  4. If the LED remains lit, unplug the power supply and host cable.
  5. Reconnect the host cable then the power supply. The LED will be lit for approximately 1-2 seconds.
  6. Reset the scanner by holding down the enter key until the scanner turns off then resets.
  7. Scan the “Pair” bar code on the base.
  8. A successful pairing with the base will be indicated by an audible “warble” tone.

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