Personalizing the Today Screen on a Pocket PC Device

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User wishes to personalize the Today screen by adding a image to the screen, changing the theme or adding/removing items.


Personalize the Today screen.
1.Click on Start button.
2. Select Settings.
3. Select Today on the Personal tab.

A. To add image on today screen, on the Appearance tab (not available on Pocket PC 2000):
i. Copy image from pc to application folder using ActiveSync. 
ii.  Select check box that states “Use this picture as the background”. 
iii. Select Browse button and browse to the image you put in the application folder. 
iv. You won’t see the image listed anywhere but if you tap the ok button, you will see it on the today screen.

B. To change the theme of the page, on the Appearance tab  (not available on Pocket PC 2000):
i. Select default (blue background) in theme list box then ok. Or Select fire (red background) in theme list box then tap ok.

C. To change what is displayed on Today screen, on the Items tab:
i. You cannot add items but you can select and de-select which items to display. 
ii. Calendar and Tasks has additional options that can be configured by selecting the options button. 
iii. You can also change the order in which they display by selecting the item and then selecting the move up or move down button. 
iv. When you finish adjusting what you wish to be displayed on screen click the ok button on the Today settings screen until you return to the Today screen.

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