Possible Reason The IP Settings Are Not Visible On A Zebra Printer

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IP Settings are not visible on the LCD of the printer or listed on the Network Configuration label.

Printer configuration shows Active Print Server 'Unknown' 

Applies To

Zebra Printer using a ZebraNet Print Server

Cause or Overview

The Desktop and Tabletop printers will only show the IP settings for an active ZebraNet Print Server.


Printer shows Active Print Server 'Unknown'  here are some possible causes:

  • 10/100 Print Server with Status LED Red: The ZebraNet 10/100 Print Server (internal and external) require a live link in order for the print server to be active. Make sure your printer has a connection to a live network.
  • Wireless Print Server Not Associated: If you are trying to set up a ZebraNet Wireless Print Server, the print server must associate to an active WLAN before the printer will recognize it as an Active Print Server. Read More>>

  • Neither Wired or Wireless Print Server IP Settings are visible: Only one device can be the Active Print Server.   The default on the Tabletop printers is to skip check for wired at bootup.  If you have both Wired and Wireless Print Servers on a Tabletop printer, the Wireless Print Server is the Primary Device by default and the Wired can act as a back up.  If the Wireless Network goes down, you will have to power cycle the printer to make the Wired Print Server Active. Read More>>


+ Product Codes

  • 105SLPlus Industrial Printers
  • 105SLPlus Industrial Printers
  • 110PAX Print Engines (disc.)
  • 110Xi4 Industrial Printer
  • 140Xi4 Industrial Printer
  • 170Xi4 Industrial Printer
  • 220Xi4 Industrial Printer
  • 2824 Plus Series
  • 2824-Z Series
  • All Surface RFID Label Solution
  • Desktop Printers
  • G-Series GC Desktop Printers
  • G-Series GK Desktop Printers
  • G-Series GX Desktop Printers
  • GC420d Desktop Printer
  • GC420t Desktop Printer
  • GK420 Healthcare Desktop Printers
  • GK420d Desktop Printer
  • GK420d Healthcare Desktop Printer
  • GK420t Desktop Printer
  • GK420t Healthcare Desktop Printer
  • GT800 Desktop Printer
  • GX420Rx Desktop Printer
  • GX420d Desktop Printer
  • GX420t Desktop Printer
  • GX430d Desktop Printer
  • GX430t Desktop Printer
  • HC100 Wristband Printer
  • HC100 Wristband Printer
  • Industrial Printers
  • LP 2824 Plus Desktop Printer
  • Print Engines
  • R110Xi4 RFID Printer
  • RFID Printers
  • TLP 2824Plus Desktop Printer
  • Xi Series Industrial Printers
  • ZD410 Series
  • ZD410D
  • ZD420 Series
  • ZD420-HC
  • ZD420C
  • ZD500 Desktop Printer
  • ZD500 Desktop Printer
  • ZD500R RFID Printers
  • ZD500R RFID Printers
  • ZE500 Print Engines
  • ZE500 Print Engines
  • ZE500R RFID Print Engine
  • ZE500R RFID Print Engine
  • ZM400
  • ZM600
  • ZT200 Series Industrial Printers
  • ZT210 Industrial Printer
  • ZT220 Industrial Printer
  • ZT230 Industrial Printer
  • ZT400 Series Industrial Printers
  • ZT400 Series RFID Printers
  • ZT410 Industrial Printer
  • ZT410 RFID Industrial Printer
  • ZT420 Industrial Printer
  • ZT420 RFID Industrial Printer