PPT8860 Bluetooth Printer Error

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The Motorola Solutions PPT8860 terminal uses a CF card supplied by Socket Communications Inc. to provide "Bluetooth" wireless connectivity. The card product number is 8510-00159G. Software support for the card is provided by Socket's "Drakar" driver, which is included in Symbol's firmware for the PPT8860. Symbol's Adaptive Printer Driver can be used with the Drakar driver. However, two parameters may need to be reset to avoid the following error message appearing when the APD attempts to open a Bluetooth connection to the printer: "Print error: Drakar Init error 10"


PPT8860, Adaptive Printer Driver

Root Cause

There are a limited number of available COM ports for the Bluetooth driver to use. A com port must be made available for the driver to work.


Download the Bluetooth images from the Motorola Solutions Developers zone if no Bluetooth Icon is present on the device. Then follow the instructions under Action Steps, below.

Setting parameters:
  1. Close all active applications on the PPT8860.
  2. If the "Bluetooth" icon is present in the bottom-right corner of the screen, proceed as follows. Otherwise, go to step 10.
  3. Tap the stylus on the Bluetooth icon. 
  4. The top line of the pop-up menu that appears should read "Turn Transmitter OFF". However, if it reads "Turn Transmitter ON", tap this line and then tap the Bluetooth icon again to reopen the menu. 
  5. Tap "Advanced Features >", then tap "My Bluetooth Device". 
  6. On the "Device Manager" screen that appears, select the "COM Ports" tab. 
  7.  'Uncheck' all options, except "Bluetooth COM Port".
  8. Tap "OK" at the top-right of the screen to save these settings. 
  9. If the Bluetooth icon is not present, tap "Start" at the top-left of the screen. 
  10. From the drop-down 'start' menu, select "Settings". 
  11. On the "Settings" screen that appears, tap the "System" tab.
  12. Tap the "Power" icon, then select the "Wireless" tab. 
  13. Ensure the "Bluetooth" box is checked. 
  14. Tap "OK" at the top-right of the screen to save this setting then tap the "X".
  15. Now, tap "Start" again, and select "Programs", then "File Explorer". 
  16. Tap the second line (below the 'Windows' icon) and select "My Device" from the drop-down list.
  17. Select the "Windows" folder then scroll down the list of contents in the "Windows" folder to "BtDevWin". Tap this entry to open the "Bluetooth Devices" screen. 
  18. Tap "Device" at the bottom-left of the screen and select "My Bluetooth Device...".
  19. Perform steps 4 to 6 above. Then tap the "X" at the top of the next three screens to save and exit.