P4T Printer is in Peel Mode But Does Not Sense When A Label Is Blocking The Sensor

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This solution is useful for understanding the way peel mode works on the P4T & RP4T printers

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Zebra P4T and RP4T Mobile Printers


Ensure the label backing is fed through the peel mechanism as per the user manual
Ensure the printer is set to Peel Mode via the ZPL (^MMP) command, If not send ^XA^MMP^JUS^XZ to set the mode

The printer should be calibrated standing up to avoid excess light from above affecting the peel sensor
You can follow the process in the following link for sensor setting via the 2-key printer configuration report.  Read More>>

When pressing feed the printer will keep feeding labels on top of the label waiting, this is correct

If you send a actual label format such as the code below, this will stop when the label is resting on the sensor and any additional labels will be sitting in the buffer until the label has been removed.



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