Printer Settings Change When I Print a Label

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  • Printer is not holding configurations or settings are changing after printing
  • Printer is not saving the printer parameters
  • Changing modes unexpectedly
  • An error condition results when a label prints
  • Settings keep reverting back to another value when I print a label
  • I send a label and the error light starts flashing


Applies To

Zebra Printers

Cause or Overview

Software always overrides the printer settings. A driver or label software typically has a printer configuration capability and will result in sending ZPL commands that will over-ride existing printer configurations. If the printer is working fine with initial setup and prints test labels correctly, you then send a label and experience an error, misconfigured driver/software may be the cause of the issue. The mis-configuration may affect Print Modes (Tear Off/Rewind/Peel/Cutter), Print Type (using ribbon or direct thermal), Darkness, Print Width, Print Speed, just to name a few. 

For example, you set up your printer and it is working fine as it prints self test labels, configuration labels and so on. You then send a print request from your PC or host and the printer changes function or goes into an error condition. 


It is likely the printer received a configuration command with the label format that changed your initial setting. It could be telling the printer to print darker, change label modes, or if it is using ribbon or not.

Note: Xi4, ZM-Series, 105SLPlus and ZE500 (Vxx.17.16Z and later firmware) printers support a method to selectively ignore inbound ZPL and Set/Get/Do commands to avoid accidental mis-configuration. Read More>>

Verify that any printer configurations on your host application or driver are set to match those you have set on the printer. If you can view the commands being sent to the printer look for those that impact the printer settings such as ^Mx commands for example. These commands are typically in the first few lines of the format. You'll have to eliminate them or verify the settings on the host application or driver as needed to match the printer configurations. 


Helpful information

Review commands in the ZPL Programming Manual Read More>>