Printing a parameters page on a TTP2000/TTP2100 printer

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Printing parameters page for Zebra TTP2000/TTP2100

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Zebra TTP2000 and TTP2100 Kiosk Printers


To print a parameters page on a TTP2000 /TTP2100 printer  use one of the following methods:

If you are running 3.83FW and above press and hold the Feed button for 3 seconds.

If you are running 3.83FW and lower you may do any of the following:

a. Press and hold the Feed button just after closing the print head.

b. Press and hold the feed while turning on the power to the printer.

c. Hold down the Feed button until printing starts. Each successive time the Feed button is pressed it will produce an additional Self-Test printout until Self-Test mode is exited.

d. Exit Self-Test Mode by power cycling the printer (turning the power off then on again). If the power switch is not easily accessible, open and close the print head.


To print a parameter page or sheet from the driver:

In the driver settings click the "Printer Function" tab.

Click the "Print" button under the Printer Parameter section (See below).

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Please note: These settings are only available for driver versions 0.3.510.x and above.