Printing Graphics on EPL Printers

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How to print a graphics with EPL printers

Correcting issues where the graphic is not printing on the label

Applies To

EPL Compatible Printers - 2824 Series, 2844 Series, S4M (E53 Firmware), 888 Series, GC Series, GK Series, GX Series, GT800, 2824 Plus Series, ZD500 Series, ZP Series, ZT200 Series, ZT400 Series, ZM Series (E53 Firmware), HC100, GK888 Series, GT888


Several different methods can be used to print graphics. For direct downloading the graphics used must be a monochrome .pcx otherwise they won't print.

The following utility automatically downloads a graphic to the printer.

Graphic Utility Details Read More>> (Must be monochrome.pcx)

Using the ZDesigner Software (via USB) Read More>> (creates a compatilble EPL graphic file in ZDesigner)

If you are using the EPL Printer Language the command GW can be used to send a direct graphics write command to the printer. These links have more detail related to specific EPL graphic commands

Graphic printing using the GW command details Read More>>

Graphic printing using the GM and GG command details Read More>> The EPL command GM can be used to store graphics to the printer. The graphics are recalled to print using the GG command.


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