Printing Rectangular Data Matrix Bar Codes with ZebraDesigner Software

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Rectangular Data Matrix Barcodes can be created within ZebraDesigner Software

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ZebraDesigner Software


 If you pick a rectangular aspect ratio from the list (e.g. 8x32) and Print as a graphic you will get a rectangular Data Matrix (or DataMatrix).  See below procedure for more information.


Here’s how to create –

Once DataMatrix is the selected 2D bar code, select Define…

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Check the option to Print bar code as a graphic then choose the Aspect ratio tab.

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From the drop down list of aspect ratios choose one such as 8x32 that will produce the rectangular shape.

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It is not a supported feature of ZebraDesigner to print a Rectangular DataMatrix bar code if print as graphic is not checked.


IMPORTANT NOTE – if “Print bar code as a graphic” is not checked, the bar code will still appear on your screen as expected but either no bar code will print at all on your label or you may just see a square representation of the barcode printed.

ZPL firmware since x.16.x  and above includes a parameter  that allows ZPL code to successfully print a rectangular Data Matrix bar code.  It is possible to use ZebraDesigner software to create a ZPL template by creating your label and then selecting the option to print to file. You could then manually add the parameter to print the rectangular Data Matrix bar code.  The key is adding the 8 th parameter for aspect ratio.  The value of 2 = rectangular.  For example:

 ^BY240,80^FT134,281^BXN,5,200,48,16,1,, 2

There are no plans to add a new feature to ZebraDesigner software that will automatically generate the parameter at this time.