Printing the Intelligent Mail Bar Code or Four State Code with ZebraDesigner Software

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The Intelligent Mail Bar Code also referred to as Four State Code is an updated version of the Postnet or Postal bar code for the USPS. A parameter was added to the ^BZ command at #.16.4 firmware and above enabling this bar code to print with Zebra ZPL printers.

Applies To

ZebraDesigner Software and ZPL Programming in conjunction with Zebra ZPL Printers


Zebra Designer and ZebraDesigner Pro software v2.2.3 released and available for download from beginning April 6, 2012, has now implemented support for this and the Australian Post 4-State bar codes.   The only option available at this time is to print the bar codes as graphics.  This works for ZPL, EPL and CPCL printers.

To use the ^BZ command to print the USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Code to a ZPL printer you would need to use a method for creating and sending ZPL code from within a label to print the bar code using ZebraDesigner software. 

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