Printing Zero with a Slash Using ZPL

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How to print a Zero with a slash?

How do I use the ^CI to alter the 0 character appearance?

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Zebra Printers that support ZPL

Excludes: 2824 Series, 2844 Series, S4M (E53 Firmware Version), 888 DD/TT Series, MZ Series, ZQ110, EM220, EM220II


Printing a Zero with a slash using the ^CI command

With Zebra internal fonts you can use the ^CI command to direct the mapping of the zero character to print with or without a slash. (if the font has a zero with a slash in the character set) For example, the ^AA font using ^CI0 will print with a slash while using ^CI1 will print without the slash.

Here is another example unique to the ^A0 font set. The Zebra internal font zero without a slash is by default recalled from location decimal 48. There is a zero with a slash located at decimal 157. Re-mapping the printer to recall the the 0 with a slash requires the following ^CI command  (^CIx,157,48) Read More>>

Example will print a zero with a slash in the A0 character set


Some character sets have the zero character at location decimal 26 and decimal 48.

^CI0,26,48 (Changes location 48 (zero with slash) to look at 26 (zero without a slash))

The ^CI re-map is not saved but can be used in a autoexec.zpl file to run on printer startup.