Printout is Not Dark Enough on Zebra Kiosk Printers

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Topic or Information

Print quality issues due to faint or light print

Applies To

Zebra TTP Series Kiosk Printers


 This solution is useful for

    Adjusting the quality of the printed image

    Setting the print darkness

Symptoms addressed by this solution include

    Light print

    Faded image

    Partially missing print on the left or right side of the paper

The darkness of the printout depends on the printing speed and the time allowed to burn the pixels.

If you are using a Windows driver or direct programming you can do the following:

    Raise the print darkness -higher burn time can darken the print out

    Lower the print speed. The faster speed the lighter the printout. 

    Verify the paper you are using is correct for your applications demands.  If you have a higher sensitive paper you can get a darker print out then with a lower sensitive paper.

Corrective Actions

If you are using a Windows Driver
a. Open Printing Preferences
b. Change print speed to about 10
c. Change burn time to max (18 or 19 depending on printer).

2. Direct programming
a. You need to set the parameter x to 10
b. You need to set the parameter x to 18 or 19
c. Save the parameter settings.