Programming the LS9208 for Communication to the Dresser Wayne Plus

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When using default values does the LS9208 scanner work with the Dresser Wayne Plus terminal.


The default values must be changed to work with the Dresser Wayne Plus terminal.

Modifying the LS9208 values

One of the following cables is needed to connect the LS9208 to the Dresser Wayne Plus:

             25-32465-20 or CBA-R01-S07PAR (straight, 6 ft)

             25-32465-21 or CBA-R02-C09PAR (coiled, 9 ft)

             25-32465-22 or CBA-R03-C12PAR (coiled, 12 ft) 

The LS9208 needs to be programmed to match the LS9208 communication parameters by scanning the appropriate bar codes.  Click on the link for a printable version of this document.  The printable version will include a list of Action Steps and Programming Bar Codes.

Download>> ADC-00025 Document

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