QL Plus Series -- Calibrating the Printer

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The following information pertains to setting up and calibrating the QL Plus Series Mobile Printers

Applies To

Ql Plus Series Mobile Printers


Ability to send files/commands to the printer and knowledge of ZPL and/or CPCL programming languages


 Calibration (Gap Sense)

  • By default the printers are set up for bar sensing (black mark) If you are NOT using bar sensing, one needs to tell the printer what type of media it has.
  • The gap sensor must be clear to be able to detect gaps between labels
  • The sensitivity of the gap sensor can be adjusted using the GAP-SENSE command

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Not detecting black mark:

  • By default the printer uses mark sensing (black mark on the back of the labels)
  • If the mark sensor is blocked the printer may not be able to detect the black mark.
  • The black mark needs to travel over the mark sensor in order for the printer to be able to detect the black mark.
  • The sensitivity of the black mark sensor can be adjusted using the BAR-SENSE CPCL command.

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Calibration (ZPL enabled printers):

  • If using ZPL emulation, the printer needs to be calibrated before it will recognize label lengths within ZPL.

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Page width setting (CPCL):

  • Mobile printers assume that the page width is the full width of the printer.
  • **There is an option on some of the newer printers for a optional media width auto-sensing feature.

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Tear off adjustment:

  • The PRESENT-AT command can be used to position the media at the tear bar of the printer or at a location where the printed label can be easily removed by the operator.  

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Take label sensor inoperable:

  • With the printer set for peel and present mode, the label feeds and the printer may not detect the label correctly if the label present sensor is blocked.
  • With the printer set for peel and present mode, the label feeds and the printer may not detect the label is present if the printer was not calibrated correctly.

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Media does not feed:

  • Be sure the printhead is closed and latched.
  • Check the spindle holding media for any binding.
  • If the unit is equipped with label present sensor, insure the last label printed is removed. Also insure the label sensor is not blocked.

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Skips labels (Form feed):

  • The hexadecimal value "0C" is used by the printer to designate a form feed action. Hexadecimal "0C" is an unprintable character. If received the printer will advance the paper to either the next index mark, or the length specified by the PAGE-HEIGHT, SETFF or SET-TOF commands. (The index mark is either a black line on the back of the stock, or the gap between labels)

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"EZ Peel" Peel off mode:

If you plan to use the printer in the peel-off mode, peel a few labels off of the meda and pull it out the printer. Close the media cover. Rotate the "EZ-Peel" peeler bar until it locks into place. Then rotate thelatch assembly to the closed position as shown in the links to these photographs:  

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+ Product Codes

  • QL Series Mobile Printers
  • QL320 Mobile Printer
  • QL420 Mobile Printer