QL, RW, P4T and QLn Printer Series - Printer Beeping

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Topic or Information

The printer will beep or "ding" if the latch assembly is not closed and locked in place or if the printer detects no media being present.

Applies To

QL Plus Series Mobile Printers, RW Series Mobile Printers, P4T Series Mobile Printers, and QLn Series Mobile Printers.


  • The printer automatically detects the presence of labels.  If labels are not present in the printer, the printer may beep.
  • The printer automatically detects the condition of the latch assembly. If the printer detects the latch assembly to be in the open position the printer may beep.

Note:  In some cases a firmware update can correct this issue assuming you can get the printer to a non-error state so that it will accept a firmware file.  If the media is verified to be loaded and latch is verified to be shut then there may be a hardware issue with the media and/or latch sensors requiring a repair.