QL Series, MZ Series- Communicating to the printer via an IrDa connection

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Can not print or can not send CPCL commands via IrDA

Applies To

Zebra QL Series and MZ Series Mobile Printers



The IrDA specification that the mobile printers use is 1.1

IR communications:

    Printers equipped for infrared (IR) communications are identified by a small "IR" logo on the unit's label.  Those IR units that can also communicate with a cable (USB, serial) but one should note that IR functions are disabled when the cable is plugged in

    IrDA compliant terminals will automatically initiate communications to the printer. However, one needs to insure that there is a direct line of sight between the printer and the terminal that will be sending data.

    The IR window on the front of the printer must face the corresponding window of the terminal to properly send and receive signals.

Helpful Information

When a print job uses the IrDA port, the print job may time out and may stop printing or take an extremely long time to print.  Microsoft has a knowledgebase article referencing the following symptom:

"When a print job uses the IrDA port, the print job may time out and may stop printing. Or, the print job may take a very long time to finish."

The Microsoft knowledgebase number referencing this issue is 823979.  Read More for more detail on the issue.  Read More>>

+ Product Codes

  • MZ Series
  • MZ-220
  • MZ-320
  • QL Series Mobile Printers
  • QL320 Mobile Printer
  • QL420 Mobile Printer