QLn and iMZ Printers are unable to connect to wireless LAN configured for 802.11r

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WLAN configured for 802.11r FT (Fast Transition)



Topic or Information

Zebra wireless mobile printer is unable to connect to a WLAN configured for 802.11r FT (Fast Transition). 

Applies To

QLn Series, iMZ Series


If a wireless LAN is configured for 802.11r and PSK (Pre-shared Key) authentication key management, printer connection will be successful. However, if the  wireless LAN is configured for 802.11r, PSK, and FT PSK, the mobile printer will fail to connect.

This problem is corrected in 10z version firmware for the mobile printer:

 V68.19.10z (QLn series)

V73.19.10z (iMZ series)



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