Recommended 10-mil adhesive card to use for color printing on Zebra Card Printer

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Topic or Information

Zebra Card Printers can be used with 10-mil adhesive cards but issues may arise if third party cards are used rather than Zebra brand cards.

Applies To

This solution is useful for

  • All printer models except P620, P640, P120.
  • Media Selection.

Symptoms addressed by this solution

  • Ribbon breaking / tearing. 
  • Poor edge to edge print.


Recommended 10-mil card for printing:

The Zebra 10-mil card (P/N 104523-010), is the recommended card for all uses requiring an adhesive backed card.

  • This two part card has a white 10-mil adhesive backed card with a 14-mil Mylar liner layer, thus making the whole card appear to the printer as a 24-mil thick card for feeding and printing purposes.
  • The 24-mil adhesive cards allow for full edge to edge color printing
  • Less deposition of excess adhesive in the card path

Note: Non-Zebra recommended cards may cause printing / mechanical problems. For best results use Zebra recommended cards only. Paper-backed adhesive cards are not supported as the waxpaper will cause the card to slip on the feed rollers, resulting in broken ribbons and inconsistent print quality.

Additional Information

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+ Product Codes

  • P330i Card Printer
  • P430i Card Printer