Reducing Static Discharge on a Zebra Performance Line Printer

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Why does the printer shock me when I touch the case?

How can I eliminate static discharge?

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Zebra Performance Line Printers 

Xi4 Series, Xi3 Plus, 105SL Series


Static Reduction
Static discharge is created by allowing a voltage buildup around a user or device that when coming into contact causes the voltage to discharge. (This discharge is annoying but typically harmless but is of concern in some volatile environments.) The goal is to maintain a common voltage potential between a user and the device by assuring all grounding methods have been enabled or used to prevent voltage buildup. 

The suggestions below are intended to help reduce and possibly eliminate:

  • Static shocks to the operator of the printer
  • Static that can cause printer to act erratically and to help prevent electrical parts inside printer from being damaged.
  • To keep static from effecting print quality and movement of labels and ribbon through the printer.


Some things a customer can do to help reduce static on and around our printers:

  • Place anti static mat on the floor for the printer operator to stand on. Make sure the mat is connected by  a wire to ground somewhere on an outlet box. Make sure surface of mat is kept clean.
  • Have the operator wear an anti static heel strap.
  • If labels are printing and printed labels are stacking into some sort of container make sure the container is connected by wire to ground somewhere on a properly grounded outlet box.
  • As an added measure place an anti static mat on the table, place the printer on top of the mat, and connect the mat by a wire to ground somewhere on a properly grounded outlet box.
  • Use an ionizer in extreme conditions


The idea is to reduce static buildup at the workstation.

Current printers have an anti static brush built in on topside of the upper printhead mechanism. The bristles extend upward toward underside of ribbon. Static buildup on ribbon is discharged safely to the bristles. Make sure the bristles are not matted down. This brush is just intended to reduce static buildup generated by the moving ribbon.

Some of the sources that contribute to static:

  • Ambient conditions- low relative humidity
  • Carpeted floor
  • Static can buildup up on the operator of printer as he or she walks around
  • Improper grounding connections at outlet
  • Movement of labels and ribbon through the printer, type of labels, usually synthetic labels generate more static
  • Labels piling into a non-grounded container building a charge



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  • 105SLPlus Industrial Printers
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