Removing the FaceSnap Legend Over Pictures in CardStudio

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Procedure on how to remove the FaceSnap letters or "watermark" from a picture in a card design within CardStudio

Applies To

  • All card printer models
  • Zebra CardStudio Standard and Professional Edition
  • Software without FaceSnap Plugin


The FaceSnap option automates the pre-processing and production of portrait photos for passports, identification cards, etc. An input image can be acquired from a device, such as a web camera, or from a file and then be checked for an available face with the FaceSnap. If a face has been detected successfully, the module generates an output image that is standardized in size and luminance.

FaceSnap is an add-in within CardStudio and needs to be purchased separately. The feature, however, can be used as a demo when taking a picture or adding a file, but will leave the "FaceSnap" letters across the image:

User-added image


Follow the instructions in the following link to disable the FaceSnap feature and prevent the letters from appearing in the pictures.  Read More>>