Resolving Error 1660 after clicking Activate with ZebraDesigner Software

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Error 1660 encountered when attempting to activate ZebraDesigner Software

Applies To

All licensed ZebraDesigner applications

Cause or Overview

This is a non-specific error and does not give details related to the actual issue or problem the software is encountering while trying to contact the Key Activation Server via the internet


The most common error to occur after starting a purchased version of ZebraDesigner and clicking Activate is an error 1660. 


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For this or any error you receive after clicking Activate please have the following information available.

1. What is the license number you are copy/pasting into the Activation box from the email received after purchasing ZebraDesigner software online or entering into the Activation box from the inside cover of the case if the software was purchased  from a reseller?

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2. What is your operating system and service pack level?

Since the standard online activation failed please try activating from the License Manager.

Start > Programs > Zebra Technologies > ZebraDesigner… (…Pro or …for XML or …for mySAP Business Suite) 2 > License Manager

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 …then enter the License Number and click Activate. Please send a screen shot of the error message that occurs to Zebra technical support and include a case number if one has already been provided by support.  This will give a much more descriptive error message. You can fill out and submit a request via the following link.  Read More>>

NOTE - the screen shot above was taken with version 2.2.3 of ZebraDesigner Pro.  As of November 2012 version is now posted and available for download from  The options have changed to Manual Activate and Export License.  Please also ensure that you have installed the latest version of the software from  However, if you encounter an Error 1660, the instructions above still apply.