Resolving ZD500 Printer Print Quality Issues

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Print Quality Adjustments and Configurations.

This solution is useful for:

  • Adjusting the quality of the printed image
  • Setting the print darkness
  • Setting the print speed

Symptoms addressed by this solution include:

  • Light print
  • Faded image
  • Partially missing print or blank labels
  • Broken bars or lines in a barcode

Applies To

ZD500 Series Printers

Cause or Overview

Incorrect printer settings, misconfigured driver/application settings,  incompatible media (ribbons and labels), or a dirty print head can cause print quality issues


Any of these suggestions/resolutions can impact printing or print quality and are provided in one Solution for your convenience.

Cleaning the Printhead

Cleaning the printhead after each roll of labels will help to extend the life of the printhead. A clean printhead will also provide optimal print quality.

Cleaning the printhead details  Read More>>

Media and Ribbon Combination.

The type of labels and ribbon (if used) affects the quality of the print. Consult with your supplier for details. Verify you are using a properly matched combination of labels and ribbon for your application.

Test Print 

A printer self test label can be used to determine if the given print quality issue is seen from the printer itself and to test any changes made on the printer as you are troubleshooting the issue.

Print a test label using the LCD Display features  Read More>>

The printer operates at the selected speed in terms of inches/mm per second.  Because print quality is affected by print speed, media, ribbon ( if thermal transfer ), and printer operating modes, it is important to run tests for your application to choose the optimal print speed setting.  Slowing down the print speed can also help if the print is too light.

Adjusting printer darkness

The darkness level can be set directly on the printer from the LCD Display or through commands sent by the user or from the driver/application.  Read More>>

Note: Keep in mind that the software and driver settings can override the darkness level you set on the printer using this method.

Power Supply

Assure you are using the correct power supply. Use of a power supply that does not meet the printer requirements will result in unacceptable printer function. 24 Volts 100 Watts required 

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  • ZD500 Desktop Printer
  • ZD500 Desktop Printer