Response When Implementing the WinInet.dll May Be Delayed By One Hour

Article ID: 49025222


The response of WinInet.dll to any API call from an application on the MC909x is delayed by one hour.


SPR12164, MC909x, MC9090, MC9094, MC9097, WinInet.dll, One hour delay, FTP Client


The parameter DEFAULT_RECEIVE_TIMEOUT was defined as ((LONG)(60 * 60 * 1000))// 60 minutes by default.

Symbol has added a registry key "ReceiveTimeOut=180000" in the registry entries of "Internet Settings", which sets the default value of "DEFAULT_RECEIVE_TIMEOUT" as 180 seconds (3 Minutes).
  1. Add a registry file with the key "ReceiveTimeOut=180000" to the \Platform folder of the MC909x.
  2. Cold Boot the MC909x.

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