RFID Error - Solving VOIDS and Best Practices on ZT400R Series Printers

RFID Error - Solving VOIDS and Best Practices on ZT400R Series Printers

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Solving Voids and Improper RFID Tag Encoding ZT400R Series Printers

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ZT400R Series RFID Printers (ZT410R and ZT420R)

Resolution / Answer


1. Is the printer calibrated to your Label's length?  

The default of the RFID printers at Media Power Up and Head Close is Feed so the printer may not properly calibrate your media's length.  
On standard printers it is Calibration.  

Perform a Media/Ribbon Cal (this is a full media calibration) to ensure that the media is properly calibrated to the appropriate label length.  
This is the most vital step to correcting voids as if the calibrated label length is incorrect, the program position will be incorrect as well and cause voids when printing/encoding.  
If you are not familiar with this procedure, See: ZT400 Series Printers -- Calibrating the Printer and correcting Media Errors

2. Run the RFID Calibrate.  

This should appropriately set the RFID settings (RFID Program Position, RFID Antenna, and RFID Read and Write Power, etc.).  
To do this, navigate the front panel into the RFID Menu (User-added image) and scroll to the RFID Calibrate parameter
Click the right hand dash under the LCD screen to start the calibration
(the printer should slowly retract and then feed the media to detect the proper RFID program positioning and settings).  Read More>>

3. After this, send a known good tag format such as below. Please use Zebra Setup Utilities to perform the test Read More>>

Ensure that there is no voiding and that only the tag quantity specified is printed/encoded

If this correctly prints/encodes, then you can move to setting up your software
(software can override the printer and cause voids so please ensure proper settings are being applied).  

Quick read/write test format

This format is a quick way to verify the printer is able to read and write the tag without errors. This will only return data back to the host; the labels will come out blank. Send 


Serialization format

This format will print 5 serialized tags with 100000000001 to 100000000005 encoded and printed for verification purposes.

^XA ^FT50,30^A0N,30,30^FDOld EPC:^FS ^FT50,50^A0N,30,30^FN12^FS ^FT50,70^A0N,30,30^FDNew EPC:^FS ^FT50,90^A0N,30,30^FN11^FS ^RFR,H^FN12^FS ^RFW,H^SN100000000001,1,Y^FS ^RFR,H^FN11^FS ^FH_^HV11,,New EPC[,]_0D_0A,L^FS ^FH_^HV12,,Old EPC:[,]_0D_0A,L^FS ^PQ5 ^XZ


4. While printing please make sure you keep the Media Cover closed.  It keeps the dust out and prevents RF from being emitted.

5. If the steps above do not work, check to make sure the printer is at the current firmware level (Printer Firmware and Reader Firmware).

Print a configuration label to check this.
Note: If reader firmware is not listed on the website no update is available or it has been built into the printer's firmware.  

Trouble installing the firmware for your printer?  When installing firmware into your printer.  
If you shut off the printer in the middle of the download the printer will not receive the entire application and cause issues within the printer's memory. 

6. Check Environment for Interference. External Reader/Antenna, Radio Waves, Electrical Power Cables, Cordless Phones etc.

If you do not have RFID hardware in your ZT400 Series Printer, contact your Zebra Reseller or Zebra Technical Support for appropriate upgrade kit part numbers.  

Locate a Reseller Read More>>
Contact Tech Support Read More>>

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