RFID Gen2 Locking Feature

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 Locking a tag’s memory bank 

Applies To

RFID Compatible Printers


With Gen 2 tags, you can lock a tag’s memory bank with an access password or define a kill password that can be used to permanently disable the tag. If you do not set access or kill passwords for a tag, the tag ignores any read or write commands that try to use these functions.

Non-Link-OS Printers

^RZ - Set RFID Tag Password and Lock Tag
Description: Use this command to define a password for a tag during writing.

Format ^RZp,m,l (Password, Memory Bank, Lock Style)

RZ Command details  Read More>>

Link-OS Printers

The ^RL command is used in place of the ^RZ
See the RFID Programming manual for ^RL details Read More>>


+ Product Codes

  • All Surface RFID Label Solution
  • R110Xi4 RFID Printer
  • RFID Printers
  • RP4T RFID Printers
  • ZD500R RFID Printers
  • ZD500R RFID Printers
  • ZE500R RFID Print Engine
  • ZE500R RFID Print Engine
  • ZT400 Series RFID Printers
  • ZT410 RFID Industrial Printer
  • ZT420 RFID Industrial Printer