RFID Lock feature fails when using ZebraDesigner Pro V2 and Link OS Printers

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Topic or Information

RFID Tag Locking does not  function when using ZebraDesigner with a Link OS printer 

Locking Function does not lock the RFID Tag when using ZebraDesigner Software

Applies To

ZebraDesigner Pro 2

Link OS compatible RFID Printers


Link OS compatible printers use the ZPL Command ^RL for tag locking and do not support the ^RZ command used in earlier model printers. ZD Pro V2 is only able to output the ^RZ command when configured to perform the locking function and therefore will not lock the tag when using Link OS printers. 

You will have to manually code the locking of an RFID Tag using the ^RL command. Details are in the RFID Programming Guide for Link OS compatible printers. Read More>>



Lorin L