Ribbon sensing problems in Zebra Card Performance Line Printers

Ribbon sensing problems in Zebra Card Performance Line Printers

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Printer will print a couple panels, then forward through a set of panels and continue printing.

Applies To

Zebra Performance Class Printers (P330i, P430i, P520i)


Problem can be caused by a dirty reflective strip

This printer is having difficulty sensing the differences between the color panels. The ribbon color sensor is located on the right side of the print head. There will be a red light emitted from this sensor which is directed towards the bottom of the printer. Below this is a reflective strip which returns the light back to the receiver. By measuring the amount of light returned to the sensor, the printer can identify the different ribbon panels and keep the ribbon in proper sequence. (Note that the ribbon selected in the driver must match the ribbon that you are using in the printer. If not, you may see these same types of errors.)


Release the latch for the print head. Clean the reflective strip (silver tape affixed to the bottom of the card printer path) and re-latch the print head assembly. Try printing again, if the problem continues, contact technical support.  Read More>>

If Cleaning does not correct the issue, attempt recalibrating the printer's ribbon sensors.  Click the following link for instruction on how to do this.  Read More>>


+ Product Codes

  • P330i Card Printer
  • P430i Card Printer